Let’s live Christ’s Passion

Being at the centre of our community and sharing Jesus’ love is a huge passion for St Peter’s. We run different outreach programmes reaching based on need within the parish, and are always happy for additional helping hands.

Even the smallest act of kindness can make an immense difference to someone’s life!

Brockley has been in the throes of change for many years, which is seeing comfortable wealth, the loneliness of poverty, and everything in between collide. The congregation of St Peter’s has a heart for service and commits to sharing God’s love with everyone, regardless of circumstance. We warmly invite you to join us in building these bridges.

Pastoral Care

St Peter’s Pastoral Team gives home help and visits, counselling/support and food aid. Please CONTACT US if you or someone you know needs help.

Love Thy Neighbour: Buy One, Give One Free

Hard times know no season, but cold winters are especially brutal on those without food to eat. Take advantage of any BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer when you shop, and donate your spare to bless someone else. We originally started this campaign for Christmas but feel moved to continue it all year round.

Please bring your spare items – ideally non-perishable – with you to church to place in the Donation Box and we’ll distribute it from there.

Looking out, reaching into God’s Kingdom.